2009 Plans Listing

Make check or money order (payable in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank) AMA, 5161 East Memorial Drive, Muncie, Indiana 47302. Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for delivery. Construction articles come with the MA plans when ordered or construction articles are available in the Model Aviation Digital Archives in the “Members Only” section of the AMA Web site.All U.S. orders are shipped rolled with the original article.

Heinkel He 100D Stunt: Semiscale CL Precision Aerobatics design by Grotzinger spans 57.5 inches.

Issue: January 2009

Plan Number: 1024

Price: $27 USD



Golden Era 60 Bipe: RS sport design converted from monoplane by Randall has upper wingspan of 55.375 inches

Issue: February 2009

Plan Number: 1025

Price: $26 USD



Zactly F3P: Indoor RC Aerobatics design by Ramsey for 250-class outrunner spans 28.5 inches.

Issue: March 2009

Plan Number: 1026

Price: $19 USD

Article: 1026ZactlyF3P.pdf


Der Jager D-IX: RC Sport Scale electric biplane by Mikulasko spans 50 inches (top) and 42 inches (bottom).

Issue: April 2009

Plan Number: 1027

Price: $26 USD

Article: Der 1027DerJager.p


Laird Super Solution: Mostly basswood CL 1/2A racer by Frank Beatty spans 12 inches.

Issue: May 2009

Plan Number: 1028

Price: $9 USD



Super Marvel 560: A/B FF Gas model by Marvin Mace spans slightly more than 72 inches and requires a Nelson .21 engine.

Issue: June 2009

Plan Number: 1029

$19 USD  Article:1029SuperMarval.pdf


Blue Foam Super Zomby: RC sport electric by Leon Shulman spans 38 inches and requires a 50- to 80-watt power system.

Issue: June 2009

Plan Number: 1030

$9 USD  Article:1030BlueFoamSuperZomby.pdf


Midsport 20: RC sport four-channel monoplane by David Fortuna spans 55 inches and requires a .25-size glow engine.

Issue: July 2009

Plan Number: 1031

Price: $18 USD

Article: 1031Midsport20.pdf


Tiger Moth: Electric RC semiscale park flyer by Pat Tritle spans 44 inches and requires a 400-class outrunner motor.

Issue: August 2009

Plan Number: 1032

Price: $32 USD



Lancair IV-P: RC semiscale park flyer by Gus Morfis spans 37 inches and requires a 400-class outrunner motor.

Issue: September 2009 

Plan Number: 1033

Price: $10 USD



Jodel D-9 Bebe: RC low-wing semiscale by Laddie Mikulasko spans 69 inches and requires a 60-class outrunner motor.

Issue October 2009

Plan Number: 1034

Price: $26 USD

Article: 1034JodelD-9Bebe.pdf


Stearman 4E: CL Scale biplane by Frank Beatty spans 48 inches and requires a .46 two-stroke engine.

 Issue: November 2009

Plan Number: 1035

Price: $25 USD



Turner Special:RC Electric Semiscale by Jim Young spans 51 inches foam core wing.

Issue: December 2009

Plan Number: 1036

Price: $32 USD

Article: 1036LTR-14TurnerSpecial.pdf


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