1976 Plans Listing

Make check or money order (payable in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank) AMA, 5161 East Memorial Drive, Muncie, Indiana 47302. Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for delivery. Construction articles come with the MA plans when ordered or construction articles are available in the Model Aviation Digital Archives in the “Members Only” section of the AMA Web site.


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No. 123 $14

No. 124 $5

No. 125 $5

No. 126 $5

4-Bits: RC .40-powered Q-500 Club Racer has winning ways, good for Sport, too. 

Semi-Pro: FF Contest-winning HL Glider has a pop-up tail dethermalizer

Half-Korda: FF For rubber, John Oldenkamp’s 1/2-size all-balsa Old-Timer. 

Hooptee Mk III: CL John Kilsdonk’s Rat Racer involves latest state-of-the-art. 


No. 127 $14

No. 128 $5

No. 129 $9
No. 130 $14

B.A.C. Drone: RC Astro-10 electric-powered, 80 in. Scale, powered glider.      
Komet: CL 1/2A semi-scale profile for fun flying or Mouse Race.        
Rebel: RC Update of famed deBolt kit. Rudder/elevator/engine—for .15s. 
Altair: FF Class A-B with conversion data for other classes.

No. 131 $27

No. 132 14

No. 134 $14

No. 135 $9

Gee Bee Model Y: RC .40-powered Sport Scale of one of the great old-time racers.       
Swiss WW II Fighter: CL A 45-in. scale-type sport model for .29s to .35s.            
Callisto: RC A superb Standard Class Sailplane which also took a Nats first.   
Hyperion Mk V: FF Don Chancey’s classic Nordic A-2 which competed on the U.S. team.  

No. 136 $14

No. 137 $14

No. 138 $9

No. 139 $9

No. 140 $5

Fieseler Storch: RC Scale model for .23-.45, 5-channel, has both slots and flaps.      
Ambivalent: RC-assist FF for .29-.35, 2-channel, can be converted for sport.   
Candle in the Wind: FF 1/2A competition-type offers looks and performance.  

Jaguar: CL FAI .15 Combat by an English champ offers different configuration. 

Nieuport Monoplane: FF Another Hannan cutie, a CO-2 indoor/outdoor Brown single or twin.  


No. 141$14

No. 142 $5

No. 143 $9

No. 144 $9

No. 145 $9

Blackburn Monoplane: RC Scale rendition of a history-maker, wheels or floats, .40 engine.      
Eagle I: CL Holder of Senior 1/2A Proto and Speed records. Uses Cox .049.      
Sweepo: FF For rubber, a winning Coupe d’Hiver—can also be flown Unlimited.    
The Shark: RC Conversion of Jetco Shark, coupled flaps, elevators—.45-.60.     
Japanese 'Myrt': CL Carrier Class II model has extremely clean design on Rossi .60.  

No. 146 $9
No. 147 $14

No. 148 $9

Quicksilver: RC 1/2A Pylon Racer incorporates all latest techniques.   
B-1: RC USAF bomber, full house. Ace foam wings. Stable. For .15power.        
BumbleBee Mk II: CL Foam wing AMA Fast Combat saves time and cost.   

No. 149 $14

No. 150 $14

No. 151$9

No. 152 $14

Comedian: RC Fun-fly aerobatic biplane is good looker. For .40-.60.    
Cardinal Sinner: CL stunter for .35 engines. "Detroiter-type." Very competitive. 

     Nesmith Couger: FF Rubber Scale .30-in. span. Excellent design, long flights

  The Fox: RC-assist FF version of 1940 Old-Timer, .19 ignition, .09 glow.     


No. 153 $14

No. 154 $9

No. 155 $24

No. 156 $14

No. 157 $9

Cerberus: RC .60-powered Pattern plane has retracts, many advanced features.   
M.J. 2 Tempete: CL Scale model of famous homebuilt, motor control, sport, .25

Tellipsoar: RC Standard Class Sailplane, many wins, stand-out performanc.

      Free Spirit: FF Classes A/B, combines excellent power/glide performance.

1935 Wakefield Winner: FF for rubber power. Top job of its day will delight old-timer. 


No. 158 $24

No. 159 $9

Flying Flag: RC Fran McElwee’s .60-powered saucer for Show Teams or sport. 

Tercel: CL Keith Trostle’s 1/2A Stunt ship flies an excellent pattern. 


No. 160 $14

No. 161 $9 

No. 162$14

No. 163 $5

Mariha: RC Scale Sailplane—and no harder to build than typical soarers.        
Sunday Sportster: RC Rudder-only, uses Ace foam wing. Designed by Ken Willard, .049.   
Sno-Bird: FF Standout Nordic A-2 by Jim Walters. For light thermal conditions. 
Tiger Moth: Documentation (outline) drawing of scale plan at 13-in. span. 
No. 164 $24
No. 165 $9
Pogo: RC Formula I Pylon Racer by deBolt, based on full-scale Owl.     
Midget Mustang: CL 1975-76 Nats-winning Scale Racer by John Balland.   
No. 166 $24
No. 167 $14
No. 168 $9
Nothing Fancy: RC biplane for .35 engines is pretty, handles beautifully.     
Fokker D-23: CL profile of push-pull fighter—.35 tractor, .15-.25 pusher.     
Simitar: RC A spectacular flying wing with a .15-size tractor engine. 

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