1977 Plans Listing

Make check or money order (payable in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank) AMA, 5161 East Memorial Drive, Muncie, Indiana 47302. Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for delivery. Construction articles come with the MA plans when ordered or construction articles are available in the Model Aviation Digital Archives in the “Members Only” section of the AMA Web site.

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Jan. 1977 No. 169 $14
No. 170 $9

No. 171 $9
No. 172 $14
No. 173 $5
Dennyplane: RC version of famed cabin model kit from 1937, .19-.25 engine.     
Fast Blasta: CL AMA Fast Combat by noted designer Richard Wilkens.     
Dixie-Gal: FF Class A for .09 is high-performance airplane.    
Tutor : RC Cabin model with scale-like performance, .25-.35 engine.    
Tic Tac: FF All-balsa profile for .02 engine is a Bob Stalick design.  
No. 174 $14
No. 175 $5

No. 176 $9
Iron Dog: RC Quarter Midget Bell Airacobra has won many Pylon contests.        
PBA Special: CL .19-powered trainer can be modified for primary, basic, advanced.      
Que d’Coupe: FF For rubber power, this attractive Coupe has excellent performance.  

No. 177 $9

No. 178 $9
No. 179 $5

No. 180 $9 .

Zonker: RC Canard has Pattern capability. For .40 power.       
Country Boy: FF by Jim Clem is thoroughbred, .049-.051 for 1/2A or A.  
PBA Special: CL Stunt version of the .19-powered Primary/Basic Trainer. (Plan 175 needed to build 179.

Bristol-M-1-Scout: RC .02-powered Scale for pulse rudder, small radios. 

No. 181 $9
No. 182 $14
No. 183 $5
Bed Check Charlie: RC Scale model of Russian "PT" trainer. For .09-.15 engine.       
Chipmonk 9: CL Scale-Stunt-type model by Pete Tindal. For .40-.46 engine.      
The Answer: RC and FF Cabin is .02-sized for Replica Old-Timer. 
No. 184 $9
No. 185 $9
No. 186 $14
No. 187 $9
No. 188 $5
Seville: RC Sport low-wing Sailplane (80-in. wing) has excellent performance.  
Cheater Slow: CL Slow Combat model by Dan Rutherford is a frequent winner.     
Fancy Pants: RC Sport/Aerobatic low-wing has ply-skin fuselage, .25s to .45s.  
Big Boy: FF Unlimited Class rubber model, no frills, great performer.  
Rockette: FF model for Jetex-type power is a Nationals winner. 
No. 189 $14
No. 190 $9
No. 191 $9
Vintage II: RC antique-type with old-time open fuse construction, uses a .60.  
Snake: CL Rat Racer by Dick Lambert, latest state-of-the-art.  
Mountaineer: RC Slope Soarer by Clarence Haught, good as you can get. 
No. 192 $24
No. 193 $14

No. 194 $9
Chipmunk: RC Scale winner of 1976 World Championships and Nats.        
Stiletto: CL Les McDonald’s Stunt winner of 1976, 1980, 1982 FAI World Champs. 
Vol Libre: FF Rubber-powered Wakefield by Bob White. Great winner. 
No. 195 $14

No. 196 $9

No. 197 $9
Hatz Biplane: RC Aerobatic Scale job takes .40-.50 with built-in muffler.      

Mirage: CL Sherwood Buckstaff’s Fast Combat, twice a Nats winner.      

Fokker T-2: FF Nats-winning Scale flier is electric powered, Astro 02, etc.    
No. 198 $14

No. 199 $9

No. 200 $5

No. 201 $5

No. 202 $5
Sportster: RC by deBolt, wing choice—aerobatics/racing.        

P-3:RC for Cox .09. Ace foam wings, step up from .049 jobs.   

Ole Reliable: CL Formula 40 Speed job. Snyder’s Nats winner.   

Roll Out: FF Hand-Launched Glider has pop-up dethermalizer.    

Avenger: CL Profile for .049 uses sheet wing, maneuverable.   
No. 203 $24
No. 204 $19
Fokker D-VIII: RC sport scale for .45-.60. Two sheets. 
Cardboard Douglas M-2: CL 50-in. biplane for .40-power.
No. 205 $9

No. 206 $9
Hot Rock: RC Aerobatics on .19-.40 engines. Simple tail-dragger.       

Air Camper: FF Pietenpol for 1/2A. Charming Old-Timer. Two sheets.   
No. 207 $14

No. 208 $5
Livesey D.L. 5: RC English homebuilt for 3-channel, .15s. Exotic but easy, good flier.       
Swinger: CL 1/2A all-balsa swing-wing. Fly for fun or use for experiments.

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