1978 Plans Listing

Make check or money order (payable in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank) AMA, 5161 East Memorial Drive, Muncie, Indiana 47302. Please allow 3 to 6 weeks for delivery. Construction articles come with the MA plans when ordered or construction articles are available in the Model Aviation Digital Archives in the “Members Only” section of the AMA Web site.


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No. 209 $14

No. 210 $14

No. 211 $9
Seastrutz: RC Biplane, 3-channel for .19, wheels or pontoons. 
Simplex: FF Many years of development, many wins. .049-.051.  
Together IV: CL Rather large, impressive stunter, .46 engine. Consistent winner.
No. 212 $27

No. 213 $5

No. 214 $5
Miss America: RC Antique, famous historical model, 2 big sheets, .35-.40 engine.      
Eliminator II: CL Class A Speed, asymmetric design, a record job. (No photo available)
Bumbled Bee: FF Jean Pailet’s tail-first version, Indoor Easy B. 
No. 215 $19

No. 216 $14

No. 217 $5
Windlord: RC Ken Bates’ flying wing Sailplane is highly competitive.  
Mustang: CL Al Meyers’ lovely P-51 for .46, for Sport Scale or Stunt. 
Rocketeer A: FF Al Lidberg’s .02 replica of famed Schoenbrun Old-Timer.  
No. 218 $29

No. 219 $19

No. 220 $9

No. 221 $5
Fairchild Ranger 24: RC Steve Sauger’s AMA Scale or Sport Scale, 2 big sheets .        
Fokker Universal: FF Jumbo Scale rubber-powered model by Bill Noonan . 
Bobcat: CL John Kilsdonk’s Slow Rat Racer, latest state-of-the-art .   
Insider: RC Primarily for Indoors, electric power, pulse rudder .   
No. 222 $9

No. 223 $14

No. 224 $5
Winterhawk: RC Standard Class Sailplane is rugged, excellent soarer.  
Fly Baby: CL Scale model of famous homebuilt, for .35-.40 RC engines. 
Horsefly: RC Sport job for pulse rudder. 
No. 225 $14

No. 226 $14
Ole Reliable: RC A 70-in. version of 1938 Old-Timer. For REM controls, .19-.25 engine.        
Spitfire: CL Profile (2 versions: built-up, solid) Stunter for .35 engine. 
No. 227 $14

No. 228 $5
AG-1 Agrivation: RC 4-channel, .25-.40 engines, realistic trike gear, low wing.       
Fighters Two: CL 1/2A balsa profiles of Japanese Nate, U.S. P-26 Peashooter.
No. 229 $19

No. 230 $9

No. 231 $5

No. 232 $5
The Solution: RC Pattern by deBolt for .40 power—lighter, highly aerobatic.   
AR-25: RC Tiny high-performance Sailplane for 2 channels, winglets.   
Tiny White Mouse: CL 1/2A-powered Mouse Racer is frequent big-time winner.    
Ms. Peach: FF Embryo endurance design by Bill Warner is a Nats winner. 
No. 233 $14

No. 234 $9

No. 235 $5
Sport 40: RC Trike-gear, shoulder-wing for .40-power, aerobatic.      
Typhoon: CL Profile for .15, WW II fighter by Paul Schaaf.    
Mentor: FF Very nice 40-in. towliner by VanHattum for small fields.
No. 236 $9

No. 237 $9
Dasher: RC Combination of Racing, Pattern characteristics, uses a .40 engine.      
Stits Jr.: CL World’s smallest plane, a good flier on .25-.35. 
No. 238 $5 Wildcat: RC Ace pulse rudder, .02 Grumman fighter by Bowers and Srull.
No. 239 $14

No. 240 $14

No. 241 $5

No. 242 $9

No. 243 $5
Blue Birds: RC Ken Willard’s marvelous "formation" plane, 4-channel, .10 power.    
Misflit: RC Randolph’s classy shoulder-wing sport job, 4-channel, .15 power. 
Ace-Dart: RC Scale-up of Ehling Dart, Ace pulse-rudder, Pee Wee .02 engine.  
Dakota: FF Scale-up of famous Dakota bipe, great fun with .049 power.
Super Burp: CL Record Jet Speed model, 1/2-size plan, full-size details.

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