1981 Plans Listing

Make check or money order (payable in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank) AMA, 5161 East Memorial Drive, Muncie, Indiana 47302. Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for delivery. Construction articles come with the MA plans when ordered or construction articles are available in the Model Aviation Digital Archives in the “Members Only” section of the AMA Web site.

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No. 322 $24 Church Midwing: RC 1/4-scale by Rosenstock for .60 power. Prototype spans 26 1/2 ft. Two sheets.      
No. 323 $9

No. 324 $14

No. 325 $24

No. 326 $9
Super Voodoo: CL Fast Combat by John Jo features built-up wing, fast construction.    
Sea Power: FF Class B-C Gas by Haught, VIT/AR, sturdy, easy construction, competition-capable.         
Commodore: RC Texaco-class Old-Timer, update of Shereshaw classic. 3-ch., .29. Two sheets.    
Taylor Cub: RC Don Srull’s Schoolyard-Scale for .049s, 2-3 ch. Spans 50-in.    
No. 327 $9
No. 328 $24
Seventh Iteration: CL Fantastic tailless biplane Sport-Stunt for .35 engine.  
Bristol Scout "D": RC 1/4-Scale for .91-up power. Four sheets. 
No. 329 $14
No. 330 $14
Stilomag 42: CL Classy, futuristic competition Stunter for .40 engine.        
Stitchin: RC Advanced trainer for 4-ch., .10-.15 power. 
No. 331 $9

No. 332 $9

No. 333 $5
No. 334 $24
Derringer: CL Fun-Scale twin sportster for two .049s. Built-up wing, profile fuse.    
Zephyr: RC Small, 2-ch. Glider for hand-launch, tow, thermal or slope soaring.        
Sir Rodney: FF Lightweight A-1 Towline Glider, circle-tow, too.       
T-3: RC Mostly-foam-board 3 ch. trainer for .19-.40 engine. Three sheets.    
No. 335 $5

No. 336 $9
No. 337 $24
Sopwith Dolphin: FF Bill Noonan’s Jumbo-Rubber scale of this great WW I-vintage biplane.       
Flop: CL 1/2A trainer is made from corrugated cardboard. Sturdy!      
Super Akro-1 "Chips": RC Scale-like stunter, 5 ch. (1 for smoke valve), .40 power, 2 sheets.  
No. 338 $19

No. 339 $14
Rearwin Jr.: RC Doc Mathews’ Sport Scale for 4 ch. and .40 power. Monoplane.  
A-B-C Toothpicks: FF Gil Morris’ Nats winner. Lightweight structure, .19-.36 power. 
No. 340 $14
No. 341 $14
No. 342 $14
No. 343 $5
Mossie Stunter: CL Sheeks’ Mosquito-inspired semi-scale for twin .35s.        
Brown B-2: RC Scale-like sport flier for 4-ch., .19-.29 power.        
Crosswind: RC Bill Evans’ semi-Sailplane for 3 ch., .19 power.        
Wasp VI: FF Mike Stoy’s Nats-winning Outdoor HLG.   
No. 344 $5
No. 345 $5
No. 346 $5
No. 347 $5

No. 348 $14

No. 349 $5
Misty I: CL 1/2A Scale Racer for Class I or II. Also fly Mouse or Sport.      
La Jollita: CL 1/2A Scale Racer for Class I or II, Sport or Mouse.    
Rivets: CL 1/2A Scale Racer for Class I or II, Sport or Mouse.        
Space Shuttle: RC Sport/Scale Glider for 2-ch., launch from mother plane.     
Onestep: RC Trainer has very forgiving flying qualities. Simple, 3 ch., .10-.25 power.        
Davis D-1K: FF Scale, for flying outdoors on CO-2 power. Spans 21 in.
No. 350 $24 Sport Spitfire: RC Fun-Scale 6-ft. span for 15/25-size electric power or .20-.30 glow engine, 3 ch. 
No. 351 $19

No. 352 $5
Dakota Grande: RC Easy-flying bipe for .60 power, 4-ch., is scaled-up 1950 FF.        
Waltzing Matilda: FF Wakefield Rubber placed 2nd at the 1979 FF Champs.
No. 353 $14
No. 354 $24
Excitation: CL Super-Stunter for .46 power. Contest proven.  
Merlyn:RC Giant, 155-in. span Unlimited Sailplane for 3-ch.

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