AMA to Offer Membership Directory

AMA has partnered with Harris Connect—one of the oldest and most respected directory publishers in the industry—to produce a register of Academy members. This can be a great way to catch up with longtime flying buddies, contact someone, or see who is “top dog” at flying events.

All AMA members will receive (or should have received) a letter asking if they would like to have a listing in the new publication. Listings are free of charge. The form included with the letter allow members to supply data they would like to have included in the publication, such as their activity in the sport, family information, etc. They can even include as many as two photos. Photos can be emailed to  You can also call 800-546-7524 for questions. Members have the choice of whether or not they want to be included in the directory. If they don’t want to be listed, do nothing and no contact information what-so-ever will be shown in the directory, or check option #4 on the form indicating they don't want any information listed and return it.

AMA members will be able to purchase the directory in printed and/or digital form. It will be available in spring 2008.

—AMA Headquarters

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