1983 Plans Listing

Make check or money order (payable in U.S. funds drawn on a U.S. bank) AMA, 5161 East Memorial Drive, Muncie, Indiana 47302. Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for delivery. Construction articles come with the MA plans when ordered or construction articles are available in the Model Aviation Digital Archives in the “Members Only” section of the AMA Web site.

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No. 391 $9

No. 392 $9

No. 393 $9

No. 394 $5
No. 395 $5
No. 396 $9

Orange Box: RC Lightweight Slope Soarer for gentle winds or hand tow. Uses 2-channels. 
Christopher: RC Sport Scale parachutist, 2-ch. set hides in torso, moves arms to steer parachute.      
1/2A Kloud King: RC Reduced, modern version of 1938 design for 1/2A Old-Timer, .049, 2-3 ch.   
Rain Crow II: FF High-performance Outdoor HLG. 
Sky Baby: CL 1/2A Racer for Mouse or Scale (depends on engine used.)   
Lee-Richards: FF Scale model for electric 02 power. Ring-wing oldie. 

No. 397 $9

No. 398 $33

Bell YFM-1 Airacuda: CL Sport Scale profile twin for pusher, reed-valve, .049s.        
Gee Bee R-1: RC Haffke’s latest 1/4-scale spans 75 in., weighs 15 lb., flies on .90 or larger. Four sheets. 

No. 399 $14

No. 400 $9

No. 401 $14

Zephyr 1100: RC AMA Class B Sailplane for 3-channel. RC gear.  
Midi-Slow: CL Rat-Race-style Stunt trainer for .20 power. Profile.     
Royal Lancer: FF Basic competition model for AMA Class A uses standard-performance .15 engines.  

No. 402 $9
No. 403 $19

No. 404 $9

Ape: FF Jumbo Rubber Scale of Armstrong-Whitworth research biplane.    
Cub Floatplane: RC Sport Scale, .049-.10-size, 4-channel replica of Piper’s favorite.  
Focke-Wulf 190: CL Profile Scale for 1/2A power features unique engine mount.  

No. 405 $24

No. 406 $19

No. 407 $9

No. 408 $14

Regent: Queen of the Skies: RC Fun-type biplane for .40-.60 power, 4-channels, two sheets.     
Piper Comanche: CL Sport Scale uses twin .25s, throttle control, two sheets.   
Boeing XF5B-1: RC Sport Scale for 1/2A power, 2-3 channels.    
Re-Volt-Er: RC Electric power Sport flier for 2-channel, 05 motor.     

No. 409 $19

No. 410 $24
No. 411 $5

Fokker Spin III: FF Scale of early monoplane trainer for .049 power, 3 sheets + documentation. 
Pober Pixie: RC Scale of famous EAA plane for .40 power and 4 ch., Sport or Precision, 2 sheets + doc. 
Humm Bug: CL CO-2-powered Stunter for Indoor flying on short lines.

No. 412 $19

No. 413 $9
No. 414 $19

Mosquito: RC Sport Scale twin uses .10 engines, 4 ch.  
Bonanza: CL Profile fun-scale Stunter for .15 to .25 engines. Has flaps, twin-gear, V-tail.    
Electric Sparky: RC Electric-powered fun flier for 05 motor, 3 ch. 

No. 415 $24

No. 416 $14

No. 417 $9

Hawker Hurricane Mk I: RC Electric-powered Sport Scale for 15 motor, 3-4 channels. Two sheets.  
Stuntfire 60: CL Big, 62-in.-span Stunter for .60 power.  

Sportwagon, Jr.: RC Pulse-rudder sportster for .02 power.  


No. 418 $14

No. 419 $14

No. 420 $14

Luton Minor: RC Sport Scale model of 1930s British lightplane for .19 power and 4-ch.
Dove 650: CL Competition Stunter for .40-.46 power has foam wing and stab.     
Buck 600: FF Competition Class A or B for .19-.21 power. Has variable-incidence tail (VIT).

No. 421 $5

No. 422 $14

Anne’s Plane: CL 1/2A trainer/sportster is rugged, all balsa, and fast-building.       
Scooter: RC Two-Meter Sailplane has won Nats event in 1982, 1983, plus many other contests.    

No. 423 $24

No. 424 $5

No. 425 $9

Cloud Cruiser: RC Beef-up Old-Timer takes .60 power, 3-channel. Two-pc. wing option. Two sheets.       
Good Tern: FF Embryo Endurance floatplane is stick-and-tissue delight. 
Grumman Skyrocket: CL Fun-Scale sport flier uses twin 1/2As.
No. 426 $33
No. 427 $5
No. 428 $9
China Clipper: RC Fantastic Sport Scale flying boat for four .10 engines, 4-ch., spans 74 in., 3 sheets.      
Profiles: FF Travelair Mystery Ship and Miss Los Angeles profiles, all-balsa rubber sport, 17-in. spans.       
Bearcat: CL Big, competition-caliber Precision Aerobatics plane for .60 power.

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